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The folklore group Gbelan

The folklore group Gbelan has performed since 1969 and its foundress was Mrs. Aurelia Polesnakova. In 1976 Mr. and Mrs. Kovalovsky acted as the art director. They started cooperation with local brass band leaded by Mr. Ladislav Carsky and Mr. Severin Steflik who was very helpful for musicians and also for the whole group. Later, the group became a folklore ensemble which successfully represented our town Gbely. There were also other active folklorist painters, such as Mrs. Eva Zajickova, Mr. Jan Pilarik, Mr. Vladimir Kocak. After a short break, in 2000, the folklore group named with its previous name „Gbelan“ started working again under leaders Mrs. Jana Moravkova, Mrs. Aurelia Polesnakova and Mrs. Andrea Hrncirikova-Budajova.
The formation target was saving treasures of former times for next generations, saving what can´t be hardly seen or remembered. Nowadays, the group works at cultural house of the town Gbely and it´s leader is Mr. Slavomir Brutovsky.

The first programe was The Wedding in Gbely. There are other programmes – thematically catched authentic traditions, habbits, local customs and manners of people how did they act in different situations in the village.

Nowadays the group offers 7 separate programmes. The newest one is called „At the Fiest in Gbely“ with which our group was on a competition of the best folklore group in Slovakia in 2009.

The group has approximately 30 performances a year in Slovakia and abroad. The group has 35 members altogether including 6 musicians.

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